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The NCDA&CS marketing team makes it a priority to promote and sell NC products. We're here for the grower and we're here for you. Please call or email if we can help.

Raleigh Office: 919-707-3100

919-707-3125 Nick Augostini Assistant Director Horticulture Marketing/Green Industry Council
919-707-3120 Annie Baggett Agritourism
919-707-3127 Heather Barnes Greenhouse Vegetables, Organics, Sweet Potatoes, Farm to School
919-707-3103 Kathy Turner Accounting 
919-707-3146 Neil Bowman Livestock Marketing Specialist 
919-707-3109 Ashley Bradley Admin
919-707-3110 Freda Butner Nutrition
919-707-3112 Ben Carpenter Livestock Marketing Specialist
919-707-3119 Ron Fish Assistant Director, Agribusiness Development
919-707-3152 Jamie Hall Got To Be NC Marketing Manager 
919-707-3160 John Hammond International Marketing Specialist - Industrial Products
919-707-3123 Kevin Hardison Direct Marketing, Local Foods, Grants, Peaches, Strawberries
919-707-3122 Robert Hosford  International Marketing Specialist
919-707-3105 Paul Jones  Media Marketing Specialist
919-707-3129 Nick Lassiter Marketing Specialist - Small Grain, Corn, Soybeans, Peanuts, Cotton
919-707-3130 Steve Lathrop Marketing Specialist - Livestock, Equine, and Dairy 
919-707-3131 Billy Lewis Livestock Marketing Specialist
919-707-3132 Cathy Ma International Marketing Specialist - Specialty Food, Meat, and Seafood 
919-707-3133 Randy Maness Retail Marketing Specialist
919-707-3135 Ron Moore Assistant Director for State Farmers Markets and Ag Centers
919-707-3147 Zach Mussler Eastern Christmas Trees, Turf, Honey, Pine Needles, Nursery, Commercial Flowers
919-707-3106 Jack Nales Marketing Specialist - Goat Meat and Beef
919-707-3137 Tim Parrish Foodservice Specialist  
919-707-3143 Joe Sanderson Director of Marketing
919-707-3148 G.W. Stanley Domestic Marketing Manager
919-707-3104 Ella Tarver Admin - Cooperative Grading
919-707-3151 Lib Taylor Admin - Livestock
919-707-3153 Peter Thornton Assistant Director for International Marketing
919-707-3102  Admin - International Marketing, Agribusiness, Farmers Markets, Ag Centers
919-707-3155 Amanda Wachs Livestock Marketing Specialist
919-707-3108 Whit Winslow N.C. Wine and Grape Council

Kinston Office: 252-527-7125

Dexter Hill - Peaches, Pecans, Strawberries, Greenhouse Vegetables

Elizabeth City Office: 252-331-4773

Tommy Fleetwood - Manager: Potatoes, Pumpkins, Cabbage, Vegetables, Farm to School
John Aydlett - Seafood/Aquaculture

Asheville Office: 828-253-1691

Bill Glenn - Christmas Trees, Nursery, Herbs, Blackberries, Bramble
Jack Ruff - Apples, Tomatoes, Vegetables