Peter Thornton


Ag Business Development

Gregory Hoggard

Interim Assistant Director Ag Business Development

Pete Anderson

Aquaculture Consultant / Agribusiness Developer (Eastern NC)

Tim Ivey

Agribusiness Developer

Nick Lassiter

Small Grain / Corn / Soybeans / Peanuts

Debra Sloan

Aquaculture Consultant / Agribusiness Developer (Far Western NC)



Ag Centers & Farmers Markets

Tad Atkinson

Assistant Director State Farmers Markets & Ag Centers

Susan Tyre

Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center Manager

Michelle Shooter

Southeastern Agricultural Events Center Manager

Amie Newsome

Charlotte Regional Farmers Market Manager

Daniel Cobb Johnson

Robert G. Shaw Piedmont Triad Farmers Market Manager

Monica Wood

State Farmers Market Manager

Phil Jacobus

Western NC Farmers Market

Domestic Marketing

Sim McIver

Assistant Director Domestic / Horticulture

Tim Parrish

Domestic Marketing Manager

Chad Blackwelder

Food Service Marketing Specialist

Brianna Burns

NC Wine & Grape Council Executive Director

Brenna Favara

Events / Project Manager / Specialty Foods Marketing


Retail Marketing Specialist

Jack Nales

Meat / Beef Marketing

Ashley Thomas

Meat / Pork / Poultry / Eggs

Bruce Whitehead

Retail Marketing Specialist


John Aydlett

Seafood / Aquaculture - Elizabeth City Office

Heather Barnes

Farm To School Program / Organics / Sweetpotatoes

Beth Farrell

Agricultural Specialist - Tobacco Programs

Kevin Hardison

Community Markets / Grants / Certified Roadside Markets / Agricultural Fairs / Fruits and Vegetables

Tony Haywood

Nursery / Western NC Christmas Trees- Asheville Office

Michele Roberts

Apples / Tomatoes

April Pennell Davis

Craft Beer / Distilled Spirits / Eastern NC Christmas Trees / Nursery / Sod / Strawberries


Vegetables / Pumpkins / Greens / White potatoes / Farm To School Program Elizabeth City Office

International Marketing

Cathy Ma

Assistant Director International

Allison Tuszynski

International - Specialty Food / Beer / Wine / Spirits /Hemp

Michelle Wang

International - Forestry Products

Amanda Hill

International - Christmas Trees / Horticulture / Nursery


International - Row Crops / Beef / Pork


Neil Bowman

Livestock Marketing / Tag Program

Ben Carpenter

Livestock Marketing

Will Thompson

Dairy / Livestock / Equine Marketing

Billy Lewis

Livestock Marketing

Amanda Wachs

Livestock Marketing


John Hammond

Assistant Director Multi-Media

Karen Smith

Graphic Designer Supervisor

Freda Butner


Beth Carroll

Graphic Designer

Lillie Gardner

Social Media / International Content

April Keeton

Got to Be NC Program Administrator

Shirley Nicholson

Program Assistant

Caitlyn Ashworth Randall

Communication Specialist

Ron Simmons



Graphic Designer


Media / Communications Specialist


Videography / Website

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