The crack of peanut shells at the ballpark. The smell of summer peaches churned into fresh ice cream. The sights, sounds and smells of local products are part of life in North Carolina. Explore our directory of growers, producers and more to find the farmers, companies and restaurants providing local ingredients and agricultural experiences.



Agriculture here is more than what ends up on your plate. Explore places to pick your own apples or blueberries, learn what it’s like to work on a farm, or enjoy holiday family fun touring a pumpkin patch or chopping down your own Christmas tree.


Farmers Markets

Learn more about one of our four state farmers markets, and check out the range of local markets and roadside stands that bring fresh produce, specialty products and community events to our neighbors throughout the state.


Food Service / Restaurant

Here, award-winning chefs create dishes that reflect our local culture and stay in step with the season. We partner with restaurants all over the state that feature local North Carolina ingredients on their menus. Find one near you.


Growers / Producers

From the Crystal Coast to the Appalachian mountains, conditions in North Carolina are ideal for a diverse array of agricultural products. Explore the many growers are who bringing local produce and ingredients to our menus and tabletops.

Boxcarr cottonseed handmade cheese wrapped in paper with a gray label


Discover the rich diversity of local products available in North Carolina, where we boast everything from delicious fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood to award-winning craft beer and wine.

Resources, Support and Service Providers

Resource, Support and Service Providers

Here you will find a growing list of partners that support the products our members grow, raise, and make.