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Recipe by: Lisa Prince

Corn Salad with Chili Butter, Peppers and Feta

Another recipe from Bailey Farms giving credit to We modified the recipe slightly. The jalapeno is a medium hot pepper and again you can always use a different pepper if you want this dish hotter or milder.

Servings: 4
Cook Time: Prep Time: 20 minutes; Total Time: 25 minutes
Meal Type: Side Dish
NC Ingredients: Peppers, corn

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ears of corn, kernels removed (yields about 2 cups corn)
Tbsp. salted butter
to 3/4 tsp chili powder (to taste)
tsp cayenne
Flake-style salt (to taste)
to 1/2 tsp. lime juice (to taste)
peppers, thinly sliced Note: Original recipe used a mixture – 1 jalapeno, 1 red shishito, and 1 spicy orange Hungarian. We used 3 jalapenos. (If you’re sensitive to heat, I recommend removing the seeds and ribs.)


In a cast-iron or heavy bottom pan, melt the butter over medium-high until foaming. Add corn in an even layer, spices, and a pinch of flake-style salt, then cook for 3 minutes undisturbed until starting to char. Note: Turn the pan rather than stirring the corn if the food isn’t cooking evenly.

Add the peppers, stir, leaving undisturbed for 2 more minutes, stir, then cook for another minute or so. Remove from the heat, stir in the lime juice, then transfer to a dish to cool.

Serve warm or just above room temperature with feta. Note: The butter will solidify when cooled for an extended period of time or refrigerated. Gently reheat in a pan or, if rushed, in the microwave.

As a side salad, this recipe is best eaten the same day. Leftovers can be refrigerated overnight in an airtight container. The butter will solidify so the corn will need to be gently reheated.


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