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Recipe by: Lisa Prince

Marinated North Carolina Shrimp (Sharon Troxler – Commissioner’s wife)

Mrs. Troxler said this was one of the Commissioner’s favorite meals.  She also suggested trying Catalina dressing for the marinade.  When they are enjoying this meal they will also throw some fresh NC veggies on the grill like squash, zucchini and tomatoes.

Servings: 8
Cook Time: Prep Time: 30 minutes; Total Time: 24 hour and 30 minutes
Meal Type: Entree
NC Ingredients: Shrimp

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lbs. peeled and de-veined North Carolina medium shrimp
bottle Italian dressing
bottle Zesty Italian dressing


Marinate the shrimp overnight or 24 hours.  Then place on skewers or in a grilling basket.  Grill on each side 1-2 minutes until pink.


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