“I tell people this is Holy Land, and the definition of Holy Land is it’s designated for a purpose.” Que the chill bumps! Co-owner of Springs Farm & Vineyard, Preston Williams, goes on to state, “When people cross the ditch out front, entering the property they feel a sense of peace. People tend to laugh when they come to Seven Springs, and that’s good for the soul.” North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services staff and I interviewed Preston for National Red Wine Day coming up on Aug. 28. Preston’s interview was full of laughter and his admiration for family, the community, and “the Supreme Creator” as Preston calls God, was evident.

Preston Williams, part owner of Seven Springs Farm & Winery

Seven Springs Farm & Winery in Norlina, North Carolina opened their doors in 2020 with clear vision of the future – navigating the coronavirus pandemic and all its related challenges. Preston says that COVID-19 surprisingly helped their business because visiting a winery was a creative outdoor activity people could enjoy. The Williams family utilized the pond and dock on the property to offer a secluded date night for couples. Guests can tour the grounds, and sip wine on the porches. The tasting room is still limited to 10 guests at a time.


Future ventures for Seven SpringsSeven Springs Farm & Winery's seven wine options. Farm & Winery include building three cabins around the pond in addition to their existing two Air B&B options, building a shelter near the main road, and adding an animal exhibit for children. Preston and family already have some donkeys on the property to keep away coyotes, but he adds, “We all believe the donkeys need some friends.”


The vineyard was named after the seven natural springs located on the property. An additional plan is to open up one of the natural springs to the public and allow them to take home some bottled natural spring water. One of Seven Springs Farm & Winery wines is named Buck Spring after a spring that was located on his mother’s property growing up. Everyone claimed it was the best water ever! So why not name the best wine after the best spring water?


We asked Preston the backstory on the names of the other wines. My favorite response was the naming of the wine, Fishin’ Creek Red. “In case anyone in the family ever gets big headed about having a winery, I’ll tell them to have a glass of this and remember you’re from little Fishin’ Creek in Warren county.” I believe that quote sets the tone for Seven Springs Farm & winery, a place where you can come and be at home.


Speaking of home, what’s home without some downhome cooking? Seven Springs Farm & Winery has partnered with D’vine Foods. Amongst their wines they also sell nonalcoholic ciders, pickles, chowchow (which is very popular in Norlina, N.C.), apple butter, and honey harvested right on the property. You can find these specialty foods in their tasting room.

Seven Spring's Farm & Winery's specialty food items.

For National Red Wine day, why don’t you get a bottle of Fishin’ Creek Red, collect some specialty food items to create a charcuterie board and enjoy the day? Nothing about that seems big headed to me!

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