Addiction Sauces

Welcome to the house of Addiction Sauces...where our goal is to turn you ino an addict! We are obsessed with producing combinations of flavors that are unparalleled. Our current selection features a mild heat Peri Peri hot sauce, a medium heat Habanero Hot Sauce and a hot bhut jolokia Hot Sauce. All sauces are well rounded in flavor followed up with a refreshing burst of heat from the peppers. Try them on all different foods to see how they will pick up different flavors. No matter what you put them on, you will have to have more! That's why we have all become ADDICTED TO ADDICTION! New to 2013 We have flavored Grits! No need to take hours and tons of ingredients to make...just add water. We offer White Cheddar, Garlic Cheese and Jalepeno Cheese grits. Perfect as a side or entrée! New to 2014...Spice blend it is! You will be using this instead of salt on EVERYTHING. We offer condiment size glass jar & a bulk size for refilling because it will go fast! New to 2015...I smell GRANOLA!


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Type of Production Facilty?: Home Based
Business availability: Seasonal

Products Sold: Dry / Baking Goods

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Business availability: Seasonal

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