Alimentaire Wholesome Breads

Alimentaire [ah-lee-mon-tair] adj. French word for food, nourishment. Of or relating to nourishment. Furnishing sustenance. Describes precisely our traditional breads and baked goods, made of 100% real ingredients, many of them locally sourced.Our mission is to nourish our community with fresh, great tasting bread made simply of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, and in connecting people to the flavor, goodness and wholesomeness of real food made from scratch, educate and inspire in them a stronger foundation for living a healthier, happier and more resilient future for themselves, one another, and our planet. All of our pastries and cookies are made of the same organic and locally sourced grains we use in our breads, and like our breads, are not made using commercial yeast. Instead, we rely on a sourdough starter to achieve the same gorgeous, tasty and wholesome flavor.


Tarboro, NC 27886



Restaurant cuisine: Bakery

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