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In 2019, we sought out on a mission to create more opportunities for people to come together and fellowship. To create more opportunities for community to be built and for people to chill, breathe and live. We realized that historically in the churches, family reunions and supper times that food played a central role in creating a context for connecting and community. Being “family first” people and having grown up in environments where family and fellowship was a paramount to life as life itself, we embarked on a journey to restore those sacred times of fellowship, family and community building. Out of this sentiment and stance, the 820 Lincoln Food Group was born. The first product to emerge from the 820 Lincoln Food Group is a southern inspired line of sauces and seasonings called Baste. This line of sauces and seasonings are a very refreshing blend of spices and flavors that will awaken the palette and make the foods that we eat come to life in new ways. There are three flavors of the Baste Sauce; Sweet, Tangy and Spicy. Currently we have a few Boosters that we have developed as well which will surely enhance the natural flavors of meats and fish while giving it a smoky, earthy flavor that will be a perfect complement to any Baste Sauce of your choosing.


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