Beam Family Farms

Beam Family Farms is a multi-generational farm dedicated to raising livestock in high quality, sustainable pastures for the duration of their lifetime. We have discovered that when you care for the pasture, you care for the cow. So we focus on producing lush pastures with a variety of nutritional grasses for our cattle to graze. That’s why we are able to guarantee our beef is 100% grass-fed, no antibiotics, and no hormone injections. Beam Family cows spend their lifetime in open pastures eating high quality grasses. We never feed our cattle corn grain. We raise 100% grass-fed beef providing you and your family tenderness, unparalleled flavor and the many health benefits of grass-fed beef. Furthermore, Beam Family Farms separates itself from other grass-fed beef by focusing on Gelbvieh genetics. Gelbvieh is breed of cattle from Germany known for being great mothers and raising healthy, strong calves. We offer online purchasing of Grass fed beef, pastures pork, free range veal & FITOs dog treats.


Lawndale, NC 28090


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Beef, Beef Cattle, Meat Goats, Other, Pet Food/Supplies, Pork, Swine

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