Direct Descendant Rabbitry and Apiary

We are a privately held farmstead located in Lexington, North Carolina. We are woman, veteran and minority owned and operated. The Direct Descendant Rabbitry and Apiary farm is a first-generation operation that started in January of 2022, we've learned to co-exist with nature, grow our own food, and increase the quality of life for our family and the local community.We take great care to ensure that our hand raised rabbits are humanly and ethically raised. Our all natural rabbits are hormone and antibiotic free. Since we're located in central North Carolina we offer a hand delivered product within a radius of 200 miles. Our available products include raw or filtered honey, and fresh or frozen ready to cook whole rabbit meat. All rabbits offered are between 2.75 pounds and 3.5 pounds and are labeled as either fryers, roasters or stewers, with the vast majority of the product being processed before 12 weeks as fryers. The rabbits are individually packaged whole in a commercial vacuum sealed package with puncture guard, are individually labeled with the product and weight that includes a tracking lot number for quality control. Giblets are packaged separately in a single vacuum package and are included in the case, representing the giblets from the bunnies in the box.


Lexington, NC 27295



List services your farm provides?: Grow, Pack, Ship
Methods of Sale for Produce?: Wholesale / High Volume, Retail / Direct to Consumer, Farmers Market, NC State Farmers Markets


Type of Production Facilty?: Home Based
Business availability: Seasonal

Products Sold: Rabbit, Other, Frozen & Refrigerated, Honey

Products / Seafood Aquaculture

Business availability: Seasonal

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