Highlands Family Farm LLC

We have a core set of ideals for our farm. First, while on our farm, animals must be treated humanely; the more you stress them the less they will grow. Second, we never use any growth hormones. We feel the benefits don’t out-weigh the side effects. Third, we fertilize with manure to limit the amount of chemicals our animals are exposed to. Fourth, our animals stay on pasture. Fifth, when it is time for the animal to be processed, we want it done humanely. Our animals are processed in facilities inspected by the United States department of Agriculture ensuring animals are humanely dispatched and the meat is safe to eat. Happy, healthy animals make better meat.We raise Black Angus beef, Katahdin Sheep, American Wagyu Beef, and Pork. We sell individual cuts of all animals and do bulk 1/2 and whole as well.


Connelly Springs, NC 28612



Products Sold

Beef, Pork, Sheep Lamb

Services Offered

Grow, Ship

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