Holman Distillery LLC

John Holman CSS, Certified Specialist of Spirits, operates Holman Distillery on the Brushy Mountains of Moravian Falls NC. Holman Distillery is a jacked and distilled spiritous alcoholic beverage manufacturer. The only commercial producer of Jacked alcohol in the world. Applejohn Traditional Applejack, is a frozen concentrated hard apple cider using a method of beverage production killed by prohibition Jan 16 1919. Well over 100 years old, jacked alcohol is a better for you alternative as it is low sugar, low alcohol, and full of concentrated apple organics and flavor. Distilled products include Holman's Applejack 102P Black label aged 2 years ex-bourbon barrel, Holman’s Applejack 80P White un-aged apple brandy, Holman's High 148P Vodka. Hours of Operation: Tours by appointment Book online - Seasonal hours - New tasting area Summer 21 Products: Craft distilled spirits, Jacked spirits, cocktails, Seltzers, pure NC mountain water Services: Cocktail classes, free sampling and tours, beverage alcohol education focused samplings, event hosting in NC Mountain setting.


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