Lowdermilk Family Farm

We are a family owned pastured pork operation. Our emphasis other than pasture raised is local. Local feed ; Non commercial, No additives, no medicines, four locally grown grains only. This approach grows 'em slower but the results are worth the wait. Also locally processed. We attempt to maintain our hand frozen pork cuts and sausage by processing monthly, which allows our product to be fresh. You can find us on Facebook, email, or just gimme a call at (336) 963-6682.


Seagrove, North Carolina 27341


List services your farm provides?: Grow, Pack
Methods of Sale for Produce?: Retail / Direct to Consumer, Farmers Market
Sell at Farmers Market?: Yes
Farmers Market Name(s): Asheboro


Business availability: Seasonal

Products Sold: Pork, Meat Goats, Swine

Products / Seafood Aquaculture

Business availability: Seasonal

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