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Cole Creek Farms, owned and operated by Bruce and Quincey Church in Johnston County, NC, proudly offers high-quality and sustainably-raised Angus-Akaushi Cross beef. Why cross an Angus with an Akaushi? Because Akaushi (pronounced Ah-ka-OO-shi), one of the four Wagyu breeds, is delicious and has some remarkable health benefits! Sometimes called Red Wagyu, Akaushi cattle yield beef with outstanding taste, exceptional marbling, higher levels of oleic acid (the kind of fat found in olive oil), and more monounsaturated fat than found in other breeds. A small family-farm product from start to finish, our Angus-Akaushi cattle are sourced from Quincey’s parents, Bass and Sandra Hyatt of Seven Meadows Farm, located in the beautiful Brasstown Valley of Clay County, NC. A fifth-generation farmer, Bass Hyatt raises his Angus and Akaushi beef cattle on lush, high-quality mountain pastures using a rotational grazing method which results in greater soil, plant, and animal health. A deep respect for animals, land, and water is at the heart of Bass’s farming practice; in fact, Seven Meadows farm received the 2014 Environmental Stewardship Award from the NC Cattlemen’s Association, NC Forage and Grassland Council, and Merck Animal Health. Cole Creek Farms continues this tradition of ethical and sustainable agriculture by finishing the Angus-Akaushi Cross on a combination of wide-open pastures, high-quality non-gmo feeds, and brewers grain. Angus and Akaushi genetics, respect for animals and earth, and some serious farmer know-how yields delicious, high quality beef year round. Indulge your taste for something special! Cole Creek Farms offers small, medium, and large packages; whole, halves, and quarters; as well as individual cuts of steak, roast, filet, and ground beef. Angus-Akaushi beef: It’s what’s NEW for dinner! Please call (919) 422-8520 for pricing!


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