Jones'N 4

Jones'N 4 Fine Foods and Catering is a locally owned and operated business in Johnston County, NC. Chef Andie Jones has a line of handcrafted items such as pimento cheese, dip mixes, spice mixes, soup mixes and wine jelly (made with NC wine!). On the catering side, Andie loves to work with local farmers to use their produce and protein in her cooking. She has a meal delivery program as well. Andie can handle all your food needs from your nightly dinners to full wedding receptions. Contact her to see how Jones'N 4 can help you! Jones'N 4 is proud to offer our customers a specialized line of fine foods, all crafted by Andie herself! We also offer specialized services including personal chef, in-home catering, on-site catering, menu planning, preparation and delivery as well as special event creation of all things dessert!


Clayton, NC 27520



Type of Production Facilty?: Commercial Kitchen / Shared Use Facility
Business availability: Seasonal

Products Sold: Bread / Baked Goods, Canned / Jarred Goods, Dry / Baking Goods, Prepared Meals, Sauces / Condiments / Rubs / Spices, Cheese

Products / Seafood Aquaculture

Business availability: Seasonal


Restaurant cuisine: Caterer

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