Shew Farm

Shew Farm is nestled in the foothills of beautiful rural Wilkes County, NC, and was established by Mr. Claude Shew, Jr. in 1978.Over the last 43 years Mr. Shew, with the support and love of his wife Vickie, has managed 282 acres of the land through conservation best management practices. Mr. Shew believes that using best management practices for the conservation of our natural resources, the highest quality care, and sustainable farming techniques produces a superior product for both his family and yours. Shew Farm also works to provide an understanding in the community where food comes from, and what it takes to raise it.Shew Farm uses practices such as pasture rotation, cover crops, and livestock health programs to maximize production and sustainability. With practices such as those listed above Shew Farm produces higher quality hay, shelled corn, silage, and Angus/Angus Cross feeder and stocker cattle that are NC Certified Beef Production program (now NC-Beef Quality Assurance program).If you visit the farm today, you will also find that Mr. Shew grows chickens for Wayne Farms. However, if you are looking for quality feeder/stocker cattle, hay, shelled corn, or silage to purchase directly from the farm look no further.


Roaring River, NC 28669



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Type of Production Facilty?: Home Based
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Products Sold: Beef Cattle

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