Smoke XXI BBQ Sauce

Smoke XXI(21 in roman numerals) Sauce is a specialty/BBQ sauce. I have 3 different flavors to choose from all still have the same sweet, spicy taste and Smokey aroma. There’s Original XXI, Zesty XXI; this is my mildest of the 3. It has a orange zest and peels added to it. Then I have Flaming XXI which of course is the hottest. You can pretty much put this sauce on just about anything. I even marinate my meat with it some times.


Charlotte, North Carolina 28214



Type of Production Facilty?: Home Based
Business availability: Seasonal

Products Sold: Sauces / Condiments / Rubs / Spices

Products / Seafood Aquaculture

Business availability: Seasonal


Restaurant cuisine: BBQ

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