Spicer's Sauces LLC

We are a local sauces company specializing in gourmet sauces and rubs. Our sauces have big bold flavors and some have a little heat on the back side. The names come from my passion for food and Motorcycles not burn your mouth heat. We have a base BBQ sauce the cruiser which is a sweet smokey BBQ sauce. Nitrous is our spicey BBQ sauce. Then we have our Backfire BBQ sauce for the people who like chipotle peppers. Our newest BBQ sauce is the Pig Slappin BBQ Sauce which is out version of the vinegar base sauce. We have three wing sauces the mild crotch rocket sauce, the spicy Turbo wing sauce and the Backfire chipotle wing sauce, and all of our sauces have big flavors. We offer 5 different spices and rubs including the Burn out pork rub which is my peoples choice pork rub, Backfire pork rub which is the chipotle pork rub, the Happy chicken rub which will make your chicken Happy Happy Happy. The steak seasoning has a big flavor with some tenderizer built into it, and the sassy seafood seasoning to spice up your seafood to a different level. The steak and chicken rubs are KETO friendly.


Denton, NC 27239




Type of Production Facilty?: Home Based
Business availability: Seasonal

Products Sold: Sauces / Condiments / Rubs / Spices

Products / Seafood Aquaculture

Business availability: Seasonal

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