Stoney Mountain Farm

Our farm sits on 56 acres of beautiful Earth just off the beaten path in Burlington, North Carolina. We raise sheep, Briard dogs, llamas and chickens. Using the wool from our flock of Navajo Churro , Corriedale and Dorset sheep we make a variety of eco-friendly, 100% wool products designed to enhance your lives. In every way, we seek to preserve the ways of the past, while honoring Mother Nature. Preservation is always of utmost importance in all our decision making. We neither plow or mow aggressively. We do not use synthetic or commercial fertilizers. We have implemented multiple conservation programs on the farm, including water and forestry. We practice rotational grazing for the health of our sheep and our pastures. We do not use chemicals on our land or animals. Mother nature tells us what and where to plant, when to breed, wean and feed. We adhere to permaculture principles, meaning that each part of our diverse farm benefits from and is a benefit to several other parts of our operation. We consider ourselves stewards of this land and our animals.


Burlington, NC 27217


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