The Veggie Wagon

We are a full service FDA production facility that specializes in private label, retail, and wholesale operations. We process in small batches and work closely with small producers looking for entry into the food market. We do full design and production of acidified products, meat and poultry products and general food production. In addition we operate two retail store in Wilmington, NC.


Carolina Beach, NC 28428


Products Sold

Beef, Candles, Canned / Jarred Goods, Cheese, Dry / Baking Goods, Fiber/Wood Products, Frozen & Refrigerated, Health & Beauty, Honey, Ice Cream, Juice, Other, Pet Food/Supplies, Pork, Prepared Meals, Sauces / Condiments / Rubs / Spices, Snacks / Candy, Soft Drinks

Services Offered

Pack, Repack, Ship

Resource, Support and Service Offered

Retail Grocery & Specialty Stores (Including Brick & Mortar & E-Commerce), Wholesalers - Broadline

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