Wehrloom Honey & Meadery

Wehrloom Honey, believe it or not, started as a thoughtful Christmas gift in 2010. The following spring two hives of honeybees arrived and started working, not only on the local flowers, but on us. We quickly came to realize the importance and potential of these wonderful creatures and Wehrloom Honey was born. From two hives to hundreds, over the past eight years Wehrloom has grown from a small home spun business into a retail store and manufacturing facility where we harvest and package honey, make a full line of skin care products, beeswax candles and now are a winery focusing on “mead”. Our meads are something else. We strive to not only use the best ingredients available, but take the time to make sure each and every variety is unique. Our beverages although technically wine, walk the line and have many attributes that appeal to the beer lover. Our meads tend to be dry, lightly carbonated and have a very distinct nose. They present as both light on the palate and on the gut and range in alcohol content from 5.5% up to 11.5%. All of our meads are sulfite and gluten free and in keeping with the rest of our product lines are made using the most wholesome natural ingredients possible.


Robbinsville, NC 28771



Products Sold

Candles, Craft Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Honey, Wine

Services Offered

Broker, Grow, Pack, Ship

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