Windmill Acres Farm East

Windmill Acres Farm began in the 1940's in Winston-Salem, NC by Phil Fishel, Sr. Phil Sr. passed down his love of Hereford cattle and farming to his son, Phil Jr., who then continued the tradition with his son, Neil. Neil began showing registered Polled Hereford cattle at an early age at local and national shows. Neil met his future wife, Karen at North Carolina State University where they were both studying Animal Science. They married in 1992 and sought to continue their passion for Hereford cattle and farming.

In 2001, they purchased 43 acres of farmland from Karen's aunt in Forsyth County, NC and began their small beef cattle operation. They named their farm Windmill Acres Farm-East as it is located in the eastern side of the county, opposite of the original farm in Winston-Salem. Their three children, Clara, Melanie and Wesley all exhibited Hereford cattle throughout their childhood and into there young adult life. In 2017, Neil and Karen began private labeling their beef and selling to local consumers who were seeking locally grown, high quality beef. Consumer demand continued to increase, so Neil and Karen began growing their production and inventory. Windmill Acres Farm-East is a Got to Be NC Producer, a Voluntary Agriculture District farm and most recently a recipient of the prestigious Century Farm designation. The farmland has been in production in Karen's family for over 100 years.

Windmill Acres Farm takes great pride in their achievements in preserving agriculture in North Carolina as well as continuing the legacy of producing high quality beef for consumers who are savvy with the food they provide for their families. Our cattle are ethically raised, grass fed and grain finished. Grain finished beef produces a highly marbled product which yields the most flavorful beef. We are proud of our legacy and are confident you will be pleased with the product we produce for you and your family.

Windmill Acres Farm East offers both locally grown pork and beef.


Kernersville, NC 27284



List services your farm provides?: Grow, Ship
Methods of Sale for Produce?: Retail / Direct to Consumer


Type of Production Facilty?: Home Based

Products Sold: Beef, Pork, Beef Cattle, Pet Food/Supplies

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