Wyant Farms, LLC

Wyant Farms, LLC is a 5th generation family farm. Wyant Farms is dedicated to sustainable farming and working to provide quality grains and beef to feed local communities. Jerry and Linda Wyant, owner of Wyant Farms, are heavily involved in Ag In The Classroom and Farm Bureau. The farm consists of growing soybeans, wheat, corn (bagged for deer corn), and horse quality hay. Wyant Farms grows and sells wheat straw to landscape and construction contractors. The farm also hauls grain for other farmers. Wyant Farm is a dealer for A&I products and SI products. The family grows out Angus beef cattle and sells farm-to-table whole and half cuts of grass/grain-fed beef directly to customers. For more information, please contact Robert Wyant at wyantfarms1@icloud.com or (980) 429-0873.


Vale, North Carolina 28168

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List services your farm provides?: Grow, Pack, Ship, Repack


Type of Production Facilty?: Home Based

Products Sold: Beef Cattle, Corn, Hay, Wheat

Resource, Support and Service Offered

Agriculture Equipment

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