Your Local Greens

Your Local Greens, an industrial size hydroponic Indoor City Farm located in Burlington, North Carolina, has completed phase one of a four-phase facility. The 15,000 sq. ft. sealed, clean-room style growing area combines optimum growing conditions with the latest in LED grow light technology and plant recipes from Philips Horticulture in the Netherlands. This allows for a daily output of 650 pounds of mixed greens and 90 pounds of microgreens. Plants grow in a safe, clean, controlled atmosphere, in water, and without soil using just the right mix of nutrients and light. This not only increases crop yield and reduces waste, but more importantly, increases nutritional content while using fewer natural resources. The result is outstanding, all-natural disease-free produce without the use of pesticides. Truly, the taste of better.Reimagining how we will grow food to feed future generations is only one aspect of why, how, and what we grow. Owned and operated by YLG Partners, Inc., the company was founded on the belief that it is possible to hire individuals with disabilities, pay them a living wage with benefits, and provide a seamless integration into the workforce while, at the same time, creating the ideal conditions for growing the purest produce imaginable. Indoor City Farming allows us to offer our customers guaranteed access to incredibly fresh locally grown produce 12 months of the year. A study in the future of self-sustainable agriculture, we use 90% less water than in the field, non-GMO seeds, and meet 13 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are also the only Kosher certified by indoor farm in the United States. Your Local Greens is ready for the future and looking forward to helping change the world. Please join us. For more information on Why, How and What we grow, please visit our website.


Burlington, NC 27215



GAP Certified?: Yes
List services your farm provides?: Grow, Pack, Ship
Methods of Sale for Produce?: Wholesale / High Volume


Business availability: Seasonal

Products Sold: Leafy Greens - lettuce, kale, mustard greens, bib lettuce, micro greens, Micro Mix

Products / Seafood Aquaculture

Business availability: Seasonal

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