Members looking to update their information can do so via the form on this page. Follow the steps below by first searching for your existing listing in our database and then filling out and submitting the form to request an update. Please note existing members are currently still being added. If you cannot find your listing but believe it should already exist in the database, please contact Jamie Hall.

Step 1

Prospective members should review full membership criteria here. Without exceptions, admittance to the program requires meeting all criteria. Businesses that do not meet the criteria will not be accepted.

Step 2

Search the name of your business to confirm whether you are already in our database. For existing members looking to update their information, select your business name to be taken to the member update form. (For new members or current members not listed, your search returns zero results, and our site automatically takes you into the application, step 3)

Step 3

If you do not see your company listed in our member database, fill out and submit your application online via the form below. Note: For current members not listed, you are still members, please fill out the new member application. This is the most efficient way to update your company profile for the new Find Local database.