The NCDA Marketing Division held a successful 2-day “Grower-Buyer Exchange” January 23rd and 24th in Wilson and Chatham Counties featuring buyers from Publix Supermarkets responsible for the Fresh produce, packaged nuts and refrigerated juice categories. This “Exchange” allowed NC growers and food companies to meet in short sessions with these buyers, and over the course of 11 hours, 50 sessions were held and offered 50 NC growers and food companies a chance to pitch their products to Publix buyers. Publix described the “Exchange” as an “efficient and very effective way to expose their buyers to NC suppliers.”

Publix plans to enhance their “Local Program” in all stores, and they need suppliers throughout their 7 state footprint. North Carolina will benefit immensely with the company’s planned aggressive growth in stores and a new distribution center coming to Greensboro. Publix’ southeast footprint includes the following: Alabama (71 stores), Florida (800 stores), Georgia (186 stores), North Carolina (41 stores), South Carolina (58 stores), Tennessee (44 stores), Virginia (13 stores).

NCDA  views these targeted “Exchanges” as critical to meeting the needs of both our retail and wholesale partners who seek local suppliers for their operations.