With the success of our first ever virtual Chef’s Social, we decided to do it again!  Watch part two of our Virtual Chef Social with Shipley Farms.

This web series offers up-to-date info on NC’s Phase 2 restaurant re-openings, and hosts a candid discussion on availability of proteins as we move forward. You’ll learn how chefs and restaurants are taking a creative spin on the matters at hand; and enjoy another fun and informational cooking demo from the Shipley kitchen.

This is an opportunity to create an interactive platform to bring you news and important details as we all reopen, reset and restart, negotiating the new normal that lies ahead. Our goal is to help you get the information and inspiration you need to safely and successfully get your restaurant up and running again

This video features Chef Chad Blackwelder, Food Service Marketing Specialist from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture as our host.  Featured guest include:
• Lynn Minges, CEO of the NCRLA who explains and answers questions on developing Phase 2 details.
• Chef Chris Coleman, Executive Chef of the new Goodyear House in Charlotte, NC has had two opening days, 2 months apart. Chris shares the experiences and success’s with this new restaurant’s pivot of plans.
• Chef Danny Bock, Senior Culinary Advisor to Shipley Beef, is in the Shipley Kitchen with tips, tricks and technique you’ll want to know to get the most out of every cut as you build your menu, optimizing protein options on every plate.

In addition, we are pleased to have special guests Sarah Blacklin, Executive Director of NC Choices, speak about buyer friendly bulk purchasing as a win:win option for farmers and consumers; and Bryan Blinson. Executive Director of the NC Cattlemen’s Association sharing more about processing and availability of product.

Charlotte-based food, restaurant and travel writer, Heidi Billotto, HeidiBillottoFood.com, worked with us to coordinate the event.

We hope you enjoy this virtual experience. Please feel free to pass along this link to any other chefs or butchers who might have an interest.