Event Description

To participate in the Grower Buyer Exchange, you must meet the following: your product must be within the category of interest. These exchanges are designed for the operations of North Carolina agriculture farms, packing and processing operations producing a market ready food product. Businesses with ownership, leases, or contractual obligations for fields, growing operations, processing/packaging facilities, in the state of North Carolina that produce a market ready food product are eligible. Businesses who serve solely as a representative or broker of a food product are not eligible. Potential suppliers should be prepared with overviews of company operations, product(s), distribution, sales, price points, reclamation process, product differentiation, benefits to the category by adding the product/product line, etc.

Meetings will be held in 15-minute increments and each company is limited to one session with each participating retailer. Be prepared and have information to leave behind for later review.

Participating retailers and sign up information will be provided at a later date.

Event Details

Registration Deadline:


February 12, 2024






Embassy Suites Concord Golf & Spa Resort

Embassy Suites Concord Golf & Spa Resort