NC GreenhouseGreenhouse Operations, Year Round Access To A Taste Of Summer – Do you find yourself missing fresh spring and summer fruits veggies during the winter season? No need! Local farms across the state like Wrenn Farm and Blue Thumb Farms in Zebulon, NC, grow spring and summer fruits and veggies in their greenhouses and hoop houses all year long and the quality is incredible!

Blue Thumb Farms operates in greenhouses all year long because of its positive environmental impact. Growing in greenhouses leads to better water conservation and no pesticide use.

Wrenn’s Farm primarily grows strawberries. April through June is strawberries’ regular time to shine. However, at Wrenn’s Farm, you can find sweet winter strawberries grown in their greenhouses.

Beyond Wrenn’s Farm and Blue Thumb Farm, there are many farmers who grow in greenhouses that sell at the major farmers’ markets across the state (WNC Farmers Market, Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, and North Carolina State Farmers Market).

Thankfully North Carolina winters are not too harsh, and farmers can regulate the temperatures in their greenhouses. The sun shines through the greenhouse, and the greenhouse traps the sunlight to keep the atmosphere warm inside the structure. Because a greenhouse offers growers a controlled and consistent environment regardless of the season, many can keep their crops coming up throughout the year – and that means you can keep eating fresh fruit and veggies all through the winter.  Hoop houses operate in many of the same ways as a greenhouse. However, the plants are planted directly in the ground. The hoops and plastic protect the plants during the winter. There is no temperature regulation in a hoop house.

Take a visit to a local farm or farmers’ market that have greenhouse and hoop house operations. Sink your teeth in a fresh strawberry and dream of warm summer days on the way!