4-Ever Vista Farms, LLC

4-Ever Vista Farms is a locally family owned minority farm. We are involved in forestry, farming and High Tunnel Gardening using organic practices. We value the land and we work really hard to use our land to produce products that are free of pesticides and chemicals. We are passionate about land sustainability for generations to come. We recognize that our communities need fresh and nutritional vegetables from seed to table. Our goal is to supply fresh produce to local markets, non-profit organizations and our local communities. Our vision is land sustainability for the future, educating and enjoying the present, and recognizing the hard work of our ancestors as our legacy continues.


Enfield, NC 27823


List services your farm provides?: Grow, Pack
Methods of Sale for Produce?: Retail / Direct to Consumer
Sell at Farmers Market?: Yes
Farmers Market Name(s): Historic Halifax Farmers Market, Roanoke Valley Farmers Market

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