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Big Delicious Brand is a provider of award-winning gourmet dips and spreads made with Southern flair and a big North Carolina influence. A proud QVC "The Big Find" and NC Specialty Foods Association Blue Ribbon winner, Big Delicious launched with a passion for food passed from father to son and a humble mantra: take your time, keep it simple, and always use the best ingredients. From its inception, Big Delicious has been all about creating unique, high-quality gourmet food products. Offerings include a signature Carolina Sausage Dip, fiery Original Hot ‘Cue Dip, and scrumptious Pineapple and Country Ham Spread. Each product in the Big Delicious line is ideal for every social occasion with the versatility to inspire main dish options. Big Delicious can be found in fine specialty stores from Richmond, VA to Atlanta, GA., and at


Raleigh, NC 27605


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