The Biltmore Grown

Since the 1980s, Biltmore has continued to improve our world-class genetics and supply estate restaurants and Biltmore Shop with high-quality beef products. Our herd sports impeccable maternal characteristics and supreme carcass genetics while our pasture-based system supports the long-term land management goals of the estate.Besides responsible beef production, our hog program continues with the same heritage breed Berkshires raised during Mr. Vanderbilt’s time. Our pasture-based hogs are never confined to farrowing crates and enjoy a diverse diet of forage, white oak acorns, and commercial feed. Similarly, our Dorper Sheep and crosses have consistently produced tender, flavorful lamb products of exceptional quality. Aside from livestock, Biltmore produces silage from corn grown on the estate; other row crops are sold in the local grain market.Biltmore Livestock is dedicated to preserving George Washington Vanderbilt’s legacy of outstanding livestock through modern and sustainable beef cattle, pork, and, lamb production on our 8,000-acre estate in Asheville, NC. We believe you will find our livestock to be of genetic superiority and an asset to any program. We are proud to continue our agricultural heritage and contribute to the greater mission of the Preservation of Biltmore as a working estate.


Asheville, NC 28803


Products Sold

Beef, Beef Cattle, Health & Beauty, Other, Pork, Sheep, Sheep Lamb, Specialty Food Products (honey, jams, jellies, pickles, sauces), Swine

Services Offered

Animal Experience, Farm Work Experience, Grow, Ship, Trail Rides

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