Hunter Farms Family Produce

Hunter Farms Family Produce is a family owned and operated produce farm. We specialize in conventional grown produce and farm raised beef. We sell our products at our farm and local farmers markets, as well as working with local grocery stores and restaurants to provide them with fresh local produce and beef.


Boonville, NC 27011


Products Sold

Apples, Banana Pepper, Beans - Variety, Beef, Beef Cattle, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Collard Greens, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Grape Tomatoes, Green Onions, Greens, Honeydew Melons, Hydroponic Lettuce, Jalapeno Peppers, Leafy Greens - lettuce, kale, mustard greens, bib lettuce, micro greens, Melons, Mixed Vegetables, Okra, Onions, Peaches, Peppers - Variety, Pork, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Radishes, Red Peppers, Snap Beans, Spinach, Squash, Squash - Yellow, Sweet Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Turnip Greens, Turnips, Vegetable Transplants, Watermelon, Watermelons, Yellow Tomatoes, Zucchini

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