3 Mountains is a purpose-driven company based in Asheville, NC and sourcing 100% organic ingredients. We believe in a transparent supply chain and giving back to ensure a resilient community wherever we operate. Our primary product line is Sarilla (formerly known as Silverback Nonalcoholic Beverage), first developed on draft, as a nonalcoholic option for brewery goers, offering a way for people to be social even if they are choosing not to drink. From there we began to package the product in BPA-free slim 12 oz cans, with a stand-out label that illustrates how the silverback gorilla is our icon of resilience, health and courage. We envision our brand serving as a platform to jump-start change for people, whether it is choosing a healthier lifestyle, learning more about another culture, or encouraging a greater awareness of human and environmental rights into everyday living.Silverback Beverage is 100% plant-based and is made without refined sugar, pesticides or artificial preservatives, available in four flavors, each with different levels of caffeine and low calorie. It is nonalcoholic, lightly carbonated and refreshing, offering a good source of naturally-derived antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. All of our flavors are free from refined sugar, pesticides and artificial preservatives. This is a modern twist on a timeless category! We make it easy and delicious to access nature's resilience and supporting a healthy immune system.


Asheville, NC 28801



Type of Production Facilty?: Co-packer
Co-Packer: BearWaters Brewery
Business availability: Year-Round

Products Sold: Tea

Products / Seafood Aquaculture

Business availability: Year-Round

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